Project Updates

Albion Mill, Blackburn

July 2019

16th July 2019

British Summer!!

The roof to Block B commences - high winds, driving rain, yup summer is here and proving hazardous!

The lads carrry on with the internals whilst a lone Manager checks for safe working - spot the yellow dot on the roof!

The double height windows in the Communal Lounge are fitted

Stormy skies still in Blackburn and the dregs of a river of rainwater during the worst day through the car park area

View of the Communal Lounge taking shape

Plastering begins to the lower floors of Block B

The roof structure from below

The view of the Link Building, Canal side

The Link Building with Block A, Canal side

June 2019

12th June 2019

Windows and doors going in

The beginnings of the Library Area, the Activity Room, the Hair Salon and the Multi Faith Room - all will become clear!

The mezzanine floor now becomes interesting

and the impact of the fabulous double height window opening - it will be lovely once the buiding gear is out of the way!

Plasterboarding begin to lower floors of Block B

Huge crane lifting the concrete beams to upper floors of Block B - still looking stormy in Blackburn!

Around the other side of the Link building a van is parked in front of the double height window which gives a good perspective on how large the opening is

The front elevation of Block A - behind the mass of scaffolding!

May 2019

7th May 2019

View from Reception through the Link Building - the white poles indicate the mezzanine area looking down on the Commmunal Lounge

Closer view of the mezzanine area - when complete the Communal Lounge and Cafe area will be seen together with the double height windows overooking the Canal

Typical floor area of one of the apartments

View of the Canal from one of the apartment bedrooms - fabulous when complete!

You do have to admire the brickies and sparks at this stage - there will be miles of cables to install and bricks of various sizes laid

Maybe a kind word for the scaffolders too - cor blimey!

April 2019

15th April 2019

Lift shafts to reception area - the Craft Room sits to the side of the lifts with the Communal Toilets to the right whilst the upper floors slabs are being placed


March 2019

12th March 2019

Brickworkers hard at it!

Internal insulation to the apartments

Followed by floor screed

And then there was light!

The plant installations begin - these will the meters for each of the apartments

February 2019

13th February 2019

View of formation of the Intermediate Care Level 0 from Level 1 Block A

Setting out the next floor to Block B - quite surreal in the hazy winter sunshine!

Ground floor of Link Building walls commence

View of the Canal and surrounding countryside from the top of the scaffold on block A overlooking the Link building

Block A joining Link building and apartment steelwork

The interior taking shape and the first fix begins

January 2019

10th January 2019

The New Year is a vague memory now and the weather presents some challenges!

A mass of scaffolding - or a lot! Not sure of the terminology! :0)

View of Reception Area from the Communal Cafe / Lounge area. The steel framework to the right is the double height window frame overlooking the Canal

Same view as above from a different angle - Reception area steelwork on top of previous piling area - steaming ahead despite the stormy skies!

The frozen Canal. Nothing to do with the build but very lovely through the fence!

Window frames at the ready!

December 2018

12th December 2018

Weather very bleak again in Blackburn - the walls are going great guns on both blocks

The interiors are being studded - although the rain still has access!

The apartments are beginning to take shape

The 'light and airy' corridors will be fabulous with some plster and a coat of paint! 

Car park view back to Link Building

View to rear of Block A with retaining walls in place - with Link Building to the right


October 2018

15th October 2018

The brick walls begin on Block A - there is a veritable army of brickies on site - although the camera angle is not so great!


September 2018

12th September 2018

Block A insulation and damp proofing going in

A closer look at the piles from the lower ground

The guys hard at work in the bleak weather

Floor slabs being laid to Block B

September 2018 - Foundation Stone Laying Event

11th September 2018

On 11th September Blackburn with Darwen Council (BwDC) together with Verum Victum Healthcare held a Foundation stone laying event at Brackendale Care Facility

Mr Sayyed Osman (Director of Adult Services BwDC) spoke to a selection of invitees from both the Council, the service providers who would be using the scheme, members of the Local Community who are also invited to make use of the Communal spaces, i.e. the Cafe, the Activity Rooms, the Hairdressers, the Library etc., and to those residents of Brackendale who were kind enough to allow us to hold the Event in their Communal rooms

In addition to Mr Osman, there were words from Mr Neil Brown from Inclusion Housing who will be operating the scheme with BwDC

Our own Mr Roy Kenny

And there was an opportunity to meet with the Development Team to discuss the specification of the build.

Below the Development Team from BwDC and the Council in their ceremonial gear (i.e High Viz and safety equipment) for the official stone laying by Mr Graham Burgess (Chair of Blackburn with Darwen CCG) and Roy Kenny (VVHC)

And the Design Team from Bardsley Contruction, Condy Lofthouse Architects and White Young Green Quantity Surveyors


August 2018

10th August 2018

Concrete floor slabs to Block A being laid after foundations are set 

Steelwork to Block A being erected and the upper retaining wall begins

Foundation laying to Block B (the lower block) with the steelwork for Block A visible top right

The Canal side elevation (what will be the Reception Area) with the steelwork for Block A top left


July 2018

9th July 2018

Setting out of Block A begins - the funny 'tubes' in the background are the piling stacks which will support the structure

The difference in the levels between the blocks begins to be more prominent with the trucks low in the distance

The tall machine in the background is the Piling Rig - this pounds the piles into the ground for the structure support as the picture above.  A great machine to watch but make sure you have ear defenders on as they are seriousy noisy!

The weather picks up in Blackburn and setting out is well underway


June 2018

23rd May 2018

The clear up of the site begins for construction

Making way for the digging to commence

The Site Offices and facilities are erected

Machines breaking up and digging through the old Mill foundations not removed during demolition

These machines are seriously chunky and are situated where the Link Building will be placed, they show the difference on the ground levels of the site

May 2018

10th May 2018

Clearing the years of debris and vegetation prior to works beginning

May 2017

23rd May 2017

Many of you may recognise this picture of the old Albion Mill, or some semblance of it! After speaking with some of the residents some will know it a little better and have some fond, and not so fond, memories 

Prior to our interest in the property the old mill was no more

Just mounds of rubble and stone

and more than its fair share of not so memorable mounds...... as you can see from the pile of old tyres

And other things...... YUK!

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